About Us

Significance - Arinna is the Goddess of the Sun, in Hittite (around 18th Century) mythology. Arinna, also known as Arinnitti. She presided over the Sun. Arinna granted an enormous supply of benefits to the planet.
Arinna the Goddess of Sun has bestowed her powers to the Sun. As we know that Sun has been there since the inception of the Earth & life and has traversed many many years, till date and beyond to support life. The experience of sun has given it the expertise to support the life on the Earth. Though the life forms on the Earth have changed in size, shape, characteristics, physiological & morphological features and in their functional aspects, however all the changes were supported by the Sun to promote, preserve and nurture life, thus we all trust the Sun. Therefor the Sun exists as epitome of experience, expertise and trust.
Arinna Lifesciences Ltd. (Arinna) has been set up by a team of experienced professionals, with a goal to tap into the fast-growing CNS/CVS segments independently.
Inception – Arinna Lifesciences is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in development and marketing of quality finished dosages in Indian market; established in 2013 and headquartered in Ahmedabad-India. To initiate with, Arinna shall focus on CNS therapy then gradually spread over other specialties.